Royce Hall (Chinyelu Alimayu) is a genre-bending Afro-futuristic/Black Liberation Soul/Funk/Hip-Hop music recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer, mc, vocalist, actor, photographer, sketch artist, keynote speaker and alum of Florida A & M University.

He is a 2016 Black Trans Advocacy Award recipient. As author of 'Rioting At Dawn' and featured poet published in the Bklyn Boihood global anthology 'Outside the XY', his matrimony with words is often described as compelling and riveting. Just as he utilizes his platform for merging art and social justice work, he is also much appreciated for his delivery and verbal stimulation as an erotic poet.

Musically, he is finalizing material for his sophomore EP series, Alimayu & Olu: The Love Revival. As an actor, he can be seen on Haves and the Have Nots, The Originals, Love Thy Neighbor, Refracted Reflections, See Me, Moods and Moments, Stelth, Eden's Garden and so much more. Not only is he seen on-screen but his love for theatre has afforded him lead roles in hit stage-plays such as Lying In Bed, Beyond Betrayal and Zora! Let The People Sing.

Academically, his love for science and music led him to pursue a BS in Animal Science/Pre-Vet Medicine and minor in music from FAMU. His interest in fashion catapulted him to being a Cotton, Inc. Style Icon--where he and 23 other individuals were nationally selected out of thousands to represent the brand as runway models in Cotton's 24 Hours of Fashion. Last but not least, he was the guest speaker for FAMU's Spring 2017 Lavender Cord ceremony, which honors graduating members of the university's LGBTQIA organization, Spectrum. Most recently, he is 2017 GA Voice Best of Atlanta award recipient for Best Live/Visual Performance. Royce currently resides in Atlanta, GA.